How does true restoration occur?

It takes place within the context of Nature itself and

is an expression of Aliveness.

At Lifestar, we know from experience many cancers can reverse in less that 90 days without Drugs, Surgery, Radiation or Immunotherapy. The body, when not interfered with, has a natural knowing how to restore itself. After all, the body started as a single cell, and look at what happened over the next 9 months or so.

How can we contribute to the body’s natural response to illness, instead of, perhaps, interfering with it? Why does the body go weak when one thinks of the word “hate," and  goes strong when one thinks of the word “love?”

What are the side effects?

There doesn't need to be any.

Well, this sounds impossible!  

Yes, it does.  That is primarily the result of what you have been taught or believe. Your beliefs, and your doctor’s beliefs about cancer are a most powerful influence and can determine your outcome when it comes to cancer or any other disease.

Animals, fish, plants and insects can and do develop cancer,  primarily when man has introduced a form of unnaturalness into their environment or forced a human form of environment upon them. A dog can tell the difference between being kicked or tripped over. Most humans cannot.

Aren’t you making medical claims about curing cancer? 

In our experience, only the body can restore itself from cancer. We are just stating what’s true for ourselves and clients, and also presenting information that some can claim are facts, while others can claim it’s all just totally ridiculous! 

Doctors are also held in the dark, just like you because of what they have been taught, just like you. One big difference is that Doctors can lose their careers by not going along with what they have been taught or follow the rules they have been given.  And some have not only lost their careers, they have also lost their freedom.

You have at least 3 choices before you, two of which you probably do not know of, and they are detailed in this collection of information. You may consider your medical diagnosis as the first choice.

What does the Lifestar iLove program cost?  

Everything you think you are.  Financially, less than $400.00 for three months. A maintenance level of three nutritional products and utilizing the book “Letting Go” is recommended to help insure your recovery is sustainable.

NOTE: Where the acronyms ACIM or ACOL are used in this document, it indicates that the text preceding the acronym is a quote from  the books A Course In Miracles or A Course Of Love.


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