Letting Go of Cancer

Letting Go starts with telling the truth about what you are holding on to!

Are you holding on to anger, resentment, victimness, punishment, effort, struggle, pain, being right, avoidance, lack of nurturing, being “awake,” being handled, blaming, getting attention, having a position, being smart, having faith, in-denial, pretending, lying, suffering, fear, powerlessness, domination, being dominated, getting ahead, cheating, being rich, being poor, what you look like, your chest size, your waist size, the cloths you wear, what brand you wear, your skin tone, your skin pigment, your diploma, your name, your car, street address, zip code, agreement, acceptance, rejection, indifference, opinions, your health…. on and on…?

There is a feeling associated with anything your are concerned about, worry about, or feels important or special to you. The feeling of the loss or even the gain of the examples given above is there, whether you are aware of them or not.  The feeling assures the persistence of it. Usually one suppresses or projects the feeling which internalizes or externalizes the feeling. Until the feeling is Experienced, without attributing it to any thing it will remain and associated with a belief or concept, both of which evolve from judgments. Any judging of anything disassociates one from Nature and the ability to heal physically, emotionally or psychologically.  Attributing the feeling to any cause whatsoever will result in the disassociation.

Locate yourself where you will not be distracted. Close your eyes and relax. Focus on the feeling associated with the subject being held onto. Do not resist the feeling. Invite it, embrace it, ask for all of it now. Let it consume you in that moment, It will not be dramatized by the ego at this point and you can handle it.  Experience all of it and it will be used up and dissipate until it is gone. Be patient and be kind to yourself. Accept that you can do this. Be thankful that you can do this. Practice if you feel like it. It applies to just about anything. Don’t be surprised if more of something comes up again and let go of that also. Even impatience can be let go of. 

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, it is likely it is somewhere near the main focus in your life. There is a difference between the feeling  associated with cancer being important, or the  feeling associated with cancer being merely an inconvenience.  In either example, the feeling can be let go of in the present moment, Not in the memory of it or in the anticipation of it. The present moment is where you creative power is, not yesterday or tomorrow, earlier or later.

Are you failing or thriving or just thinking about it? Are you willing to change your point of view, your response to what you have been told in your diagnosis?

Healing is an Experience of Aliveness and not of suffering.  Healing is self-nurturing, not a punishment.  Healing is transforming your self from sickness to prosperity as a state of health.  Health is what remains after you let go of falseness. Sickness is a concept, a point of view of vulnerability.  One seems to be a sorry victim of life itself. Powerless to heal and afraid of letting go of ones self imposed weakness usually without understanding ones full participation.

When you respond differently, you change your outcome. When you heal, you begin living. One suffers only by thinking thoughts that support suffering.  Re-contextualizing, your life changes your point of view which changes all the meaning of everything within that context. Some people have died on the 180th day after being told they had 6 months to live, after being told they had cancer. Beliefs can be that strong. Giving that degree of credibility to another?

The book Letting Go …the Pathway to Surrender is item 4 in this program. Read it. Use it to refresh your letting go process.


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