Introduction to Your Choices

If you have been medically diagnosed with Cancer, you probably have been told many things that you “have” to do, and most of them are not reassuring. Almost without exception you have no way of discerning what is true or not about what you have been told by well meaning people. Your friends or relatives can’t discern what is true or not about the subject either. By now you may be desperate and confused about what you can do. In any case it seems like you have to put your very life in the hands of others, many of which are total strangers and most of them totally believe in what they are doing because that is what they have been taught…. And they may lose their job if they don’t believe in it.

The usual advice is to “do chemo” and often the advice given is to get on chemo as soon as possible. It is common to have several Medical doctors and others of authority to be in such a hurry to get you into surgery or on chemotherapeutic drugs within days or weeks as if you have no choice in the matter. With what information you have been taught or accumulated on your own, it may appear to you there is no other choice.

There are in fact several other choices that may be more effective at providing you with an outcome that is more beneficial, less financially challenging and free of side effects. It may take some willingness on your part to be open to new information as presented in this document. Information that has been available going back to the 1930s and suppressed by special interests or others not believing in it because of what they have also been taught or perceived as threatening to them.

We are presenting two additional Choices in addition to the First Choice you may have already been given, that being what to do medically after being diagnosed with Cancer.

The Second Choice is completely dietary, that being consumption of 100% raw food (not cooked) diet for at least 30 days. The details of this recommendation are given towards the end of this document and were verified in a video witnessed in 1990 that had been taken through a special microscope from 6,000 to 20,000 + magnification, in living color and complete depth of field. The video showed all live red blood cells damaged and their environment completely contaminated.

The blood came from a woman diagnosed with cancer and what happened with her blood in one week on a raw food diet. Her red blood cells normalized and intercellular fluid transformed into a healthier environment. It was stated “cancer could be cured eating nothing but raw lettuce.” This video has not been shown again in the United States since.

The Third Choice is also dietary, and in a more easily managed way of supporting the body in its recovery in a short period of time, and how to sustain that recovery. We call it the iLove Program.

In this document you will be provided with Medical and non-Medical documentation regarding some of the various influences on the body, an opportunity to consider them, and your role in implementing a proven alternative to what your were given with your first Choice, that being a diagnosis and what to do next from the medical point of view.

In the recommended reading list of this document we have included many credible books on so-called non-traditional cancer recovery programs including documentation on spontaneous remissions from the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Burton Goldberg’s Alternative Medicine Digest Series.


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