3. Choice Three: The iLove Program for Cancer.

Taking into consideration the first two choices, this is the third choice. There are more successful and natural means for supporting the body to heal itself of the cellular malfunction called cancer. One of the quickest ways to change the internal environment inside the body that can reverse the flourishing of cancer cells and begin the recovery process, is a 100% raw food diet. That means no cooked food. Food means something that Nature created and not a by-product made my “man”.

Food in this context is something that is alive or recently alive and has by its very nature a short shelf life. The introduction of man made chemicals into the body creates more challenges to the body to do something about their presence.

Three products that we produce are Genesis Complex, Glutathene and Cell Grown Lithium. All three are specific in what they contribute to a healthier body. The Glutathene is specific to supporting the liver in producing more glutathione naturally. Genesis is extremely dense nutritionally and almost 100% natural. All three address pleomorphic organisms. The Cell Grown Lithium addresses pleomorphic organisms (see below) in the body primary through natural alkalizing by the body. All three taken at higher levels almost always has a profound effect in the body’s response to cancer and many other health challenges. We know this because we have seen it work for many years.

The products mentioned in Month Two (and every two months thereafter) will help sustain your recovery by insuring a diversified and dense nutritional medium in your diet that goes well beyond what the average diet provides. It is also important that your diet includes as much raw food such as vegetable salads and fresh fruit as possible. This will also help improve your sense of smell and taste whether you realize it or not.

In this document, we present several other issues one may need to be aware of to assist health restoration: One is the influence the mind plays on the functionality of the body. (See research documented in the “Placebo and Nocebo” section.) Advanced optical science also documents the existence of a characteristic of fundamental organisms in the body to “morph” or change form from bacteria to viruses and ultimately to fungus (Pleomorphism) based on different environmental factors in the blood and intercellular fluid. So far, the value of these findings to enrich treatment modalities generally has been ignored by the majority of the medical/pharmaceutical community.

As mentioned previously, the fastest way to produce restoration of the body in the shortest time after a diagnosis, is a 100% raw food diet. That includes fruits, vegetables and meats, all of which also means that they are already disease free and can meet the nutritional needs of the body. Because they are sold by weight, most animals grown for consumption, including fish, are raised and fed food by-products and or food substitutes to maximize weight gain in the shortest time possible without them dying.

Therefore, we recommend you minimize anything man-made or from Nature that has been altered into a by-product or food substitute that is consumed for any reason. Nature presents what is True and human frailties include falseness, and without the ability being taught on how to discern the difference, we are left to our own device to suffer the consequences.

Included with the iLove Program is a book you may have never heard of. “Letting Go… the pathway to surrender” will provide one with a much richer context in which to understand almost everything else in life and how to address that too…. And that also includes health issues.

Consider accepting how you “feel” at any given moment, and not whether something is “good” or “bad” about it. Thus, your response can be to remain free from judgment and feel peaceful. It’s healthier to do so!


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