The Time of Learning

When you were an infant you learned naturally. No one taught you how to turn over from your stomach onto you back or vice versa, or to eventually crawl. It was natural learning and it was mostly effortless because you never gave up. As you grew and eventually walked, you continued to learn naturally and ran, jumped and played games joyfully with others about your age and size who also learned naturally. With few exceptions you all lived and learned together from your heart.

At some point you were introduced to a rule to follow. It was imposed on you. You may have resisted but eventually you gave into the new rule and the imposer. Other rules followed and soon you were being taught other practices from still other people, who also imposed their rules or beliefs on you. It became known as school and the natural learning which was playful to you began to be replaced by something else. And sometimes it was not fun. At times it may have even been scary.

Growing up became rule laden and unnatural. Your “education” became arbitrary and revolved around a single piece of paper sometimes called a report card. You learned that this piece of paper became very important to others, and you learned you had to meet their expectations and sometimes is may have been difficult to do so. For some, you may have tried to meet their expectations out of love for them and still others, perhaps out of fear of them.

This became normal, and naturalness was abandoned for unnaturalness and effort. Learning as a way of life became a major part of survival and if you did not go along with it, you could be ignored or punished in some other way. Thus, learning from rules, replaced learning from playing. Some of the cost was your natural joyfulness and sense of unity with others.

Today you may be faced with a health issue you have been "taught" is very serious, and perhaps even terminal. How easy we believe others no matter what they say without knowing if what they say is even true. The book “Letting Go” included with this program will teach you how to confirm what is true for you about almost anything. Of course, you may have to read the book to find out for yourself. A new form of learning is within your grasp. It will be up to you to take that step if you so choose.

How easy we forget that what we are being told is always an opinion by another believed to be true by them and most likely even ourselves. The tendency is to believe them and what they are saying because we give them the credibility we deny our self. We are taught to do that and we have been doing that most of our life by others who were taught the same way, and are also doing the same thing. Should you make the choice, your time of learning such things is over…. This time you are being invited to return to your heart by choosing to do so. By becoming aware of what was forgotten from learning and what originally appealed to your heart earlier in life.

Begin this Program by being kind to yourself. The iLove Program is not an experiment unless you want it to be. The iLove Program is not just about taking better care of your body and restoring it to a higher state of health through changing your efforts. It is about challenging some of what you have learned and what you believe about it. The iLove Program represents a choice to do just that, and also to support yourself remembering how powerful you really are, and not how vulnerable you believe yourself to be.

Take what you can from this discourse of information. Take what you can into your heart while being aware of what your “mind,"  your “thoughts" want to do with it.  Take this into your heart and you will begin to change not only your life, but also your purpose for living it.


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