The following includes word definitions modified by Lifestar to conform more to the subject of healing one’s self more than to grammatical correctness.

“You are not called to accept what you do not like, but to accept that you do not like, whatever it is you don’t like.  Then and only then — when you have accepted how you feel — can you respond truly.  Only when you have accepted how you feel do you quit labeling good or bad; only then can you deal with anything from a place of peace”.

“All power to effect change comes from acceptance — not acceptance of the way things are, but acceptance of who you are in the present.  Not through accepting of the way you want to be, but of the way you are now”. (ACOL)

The mind:  A concept including one's ability to think.  A thought system believed by the thought system to be real. It is incapable of discerning truth from falsehood. The mind only learns/knows from its belief systems through it's thinking. The source of self-hypnosis.

The brain: An area of the human body that helps organize and maintain the functionality of the body and produce the body sensations. The brain is neutral and cannot think or be hypnotized. The brain evolved simultaneously with the rest of the body.  The body began as a single cell and evolved from a continuum called life. It did not begin at cellular conception.

To think:  A self imposed ability to conceptualize by rearranging reality. The absence of instinct.

A concept:   The imagined result of believing. A hidden barrier or substitute for Experiencing an Experience. A form of self-imprisonment that distracts one from the Truth.

Believing: To imagine that believing and what is true, are the same thing. Believing in chocolate does not provide the experience of chocolate.

Truth:  What Is… absent any beliefs about it.  Being intolerant of illusion.

Illusion:  All that does not have existence.

Ego:  The imagined identity of the thinker. An addiction to thinking. The self. The behavior stemming from our perception of being separate from everything. A program to run life by resulting in the inability to express one's true Self instead of the false self. Living in a perpetual state of avoidance (fear).

Thoughts:  A conceptualized series of words imagined to be real, valuable and necessary (Judgments).

Thought system: A way of thinking. Examples of the error of thinking in illusion are  “If this, then that," “good or bad,”  “right or wrong,”  “It’s us or them.”  Thinking in illusion produces a reality of duality (opposites) by judgments made from a presumed position (point of view).

“The thought system of the truth sees no value in suffering and so sees it not in truth.  The thought system of the truth is a thought system that is not split by varying goals and desires. It is a thought system of unity. It is a thought system of one thought, one goal. That goal is the original thought that began the experience in physical form, the thought of expressing the Self in observable form.”  (ACOL)


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