• All erythrocytes (red blood cells) have the same size.
• All red blood cells are circular and have a dumb-bell shaped cross-section.
• Their load of hemoglobin is normal and proportionally distributed.
• The red blood cells do not con-globate (connected like a stack of poker chips).
• Phagocytosis is uninhibited, that being the consumption of foreign organisms by natural occurring neutrophils or macrophages.
• The stress test is negative.

• There is a minimal serum infestation (preferably small forms).
• The thrombocyte test is negative as well. Only short moving fibers can be seen.

All this expresses a sound humoral environment. The defensive condition is strong enough so that somatids are almost completely inhibited in their whole development.


The blood patients endangered by cancer show the fofllowing characterists.

•  Possible anisocytosis (unequal size of red blood cells) often with simultaneous acanthocytosis which was not provoked.
• The thrombocyte test is positive, that is, the formation of hypha (individual branching of filaments of fungus) rather than fibers.
• Rouleaux formation as an expression of a disturbed membrane charge and aggregation. The membranes of the red blood cells get sticky and cling together.

The blood of patients with a tendency to cancer is damaged in its natural healthy behavior to such an extent that with an impaired defensive condition, somatids can be seen in almost every stage of development. It is incorrect to say that these organisms are the cause of cancer. They reflect the loss of integrity in the blood to the degree that all the naturally occurring cells cannot perform their natural functions. The primary contributor to the growth of somatids and their evolution into larger more complex organisms is the dominance of unnatural sugars in the body as compared the naturally occurring raw sugars as found in Nature.


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