The iLove Program

Product Costs

Please DO NOT deviate from these recommendations.

Call Lifestar if you experience any unusual effects.

They may be valuable. Do not self diagnose!

Reading the book "Letting Go...the pathway to surrender" is essential to recovery. Notice any resistence to reading it. That is unconscious resistence (beliefs) to recovering what needs to become aware of. Re-reading it may be necessary until you begin to recover your own awareness of your what you are capable of.


The 9 to 15/30 days costs: (Everything for the first month)

This does not include any applicable sales tax or shipping costs.

1. Genesis Restoration Complex, at 2 each of a 34 ounce pouch at $59.95 each. $119.95

2. Glutathene, 1 each of a 18.6 ounce jar at $53.95 each. $53.95

3. Cell Grown Lithium, 1 each of a 5.0 ounce bottle at $69.95

4. "Letting Go....the pathway to surrender", by David R Hawkins, MD, PhD. $18.99

Total $262.79


The Products for every 2 months thereafter for maintenance (retail).

1. Genesis Restoration Complex, 1 each 34 ounce pouch, 2 tablespoons per day. $59.95

2. Glutathene, 1 each 18.6 ounce pouch,1 tablespoon per day. $53.95

3. Cell Grown Lithium, 1 each 5.0 ounce bottle, 2 teaspoons per day. $69.95

Total $183.85




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