Genesis Restoration Complex. 

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About 70% of all food grown on our planet is rice, and it is estimated that worldwide, more that 60 million metric tons of rice bran is discarded each year because it begins to become rancid within about 12 hours after being milled from the rice. Representing only 8% of the total weight and containing more than 70% of the nutrient value of whole rice, the bran appears to be the most diversified and dense nutrient complex known to exist in the food chain. 

Lifestar uses only non-genetically modified whole rice bran grown in the United States that is stabilized in less than one second within seconds after milling in an exclusive non-additive, non-chemical mechanical process.

Genesis Restoration Complex comes with more than 120 naturally occurring antioxidants plus the antioxidants provided by our organic high beta glucan fermented multi-ascorbate vitamin C which is added. Lifestar Vitamin C is more that 11 times more potent than the ascorbic acid sold as vitamin C in stores. In nature, antioxidants almost never work by themselves. In commercial food preparation, heating, blending with chemicals or other mechanical processing together with exposure to light and oxygen, use up most or all naturally existing protective nutrients in the food. Any surviving antioxidants may be damaged or eliminated altogether in an attempt to increase shelf life, standardize the  flavor and color or to “increase the perceived value” of the  finished product, leaving it denatured of some of its most valuable nutrients.

Found abundantly in Genesis, are non-denatured plant phytosterols (plant fats known as sterols and stero-lins). Plant phytosterols have been shown to boost the immune system so effectively they actually stop the decline of T-cells in AIDS patients. Positive effects have also been shown against several cancers, tuberculosis, psoriasis, allergies, lupus and other immune related challenges as well as protection against oxidized cholesterol and the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Phytosterols have also been shown to modulate the various functions of lymphocytes called T-1’s or T-cells. Found chiefly in the lymph system of the body, T-cells are the body’s primary form of cell-mediated immunity. They can destroy tumor cells and respond directly against foreign material such as bacteria and viruses. Among their many other uses, phytosterols reduce cholesterol, help protect bone marrow, and are active against inflammation as found in rheumatoid arthritis.

With additional observations among numerous Lifestar clients, reports back from doctors and personal experience, Genesis has shown to support improved and sometimes significant results in the areas of cancer, leukemia, hepatitis C, HDL/LDL ratio, total cholesterol, blood pressure, Diabetic Neuropathy, Type 1 and 2 diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure, lower PSA levels, herniated disks, swollen prostate, skin conditions, erectile dysfunction and a significantly higher resistance or total elimination of the ability to sun burn. Also more stable blood sugar, reduction of hypoglycemia within a few days, reduced bruising, and healthier looking skin and hair in four to five weeks is quite common.

Genesis may be taken in water or juice, but DO NOT heat or use in a high speed blender, which would begin to oxidize it. Instead, use a shaker or just hand mix. Genesis contains 18 amino acids including all nine essential ones, as well as hundreds of other naturally occurring nutrients.


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