The single most influential contributor to the acidity of the body’s internal environment is the advancement of pleomorphic (morphing) activity of Somatids, the name given the smallest organisms found in the blood and intercellular fluids by French scientist and medical doctor Gaston Naessen. In California the existence of these organisms was originally documented and photographed in the 1930s’ by scientist and inventor Royal Rife and subsequently suppressed by special interest individuals and organizations. Royal Rife's Universal Miscroscope went to 60,000 + magnification validating the activity of the pleomorphic organisms

The single most important influence supporting the pleomorphic activity of the Somatids in producing organic acids and the subsequent evolution of pathogens is the Somatids’ ingestion of denatured/refined sugars and sugar substitutes. (please see pages 31 - 53).

Lifestar Recommendation: It is imperative that the ingestion of denatured sugars be ceased as soon as possible. Denatured sugars are any form of sugar that does not occur presently within any plant life. If the sugar is in a product of any kind, in a bottle, a capsule, in pill form, paper packaging or loose powder it is no longer in its natural form. It has already been extracted from a plant and exposed to light and oxygen, isolated from its source and removed from other naturally occurring relationships provided by Nature. It may not be listed on a product label as an additive in a pre-mix including vitamin supplements. For most humans, denatured sugar is addictive to various degrees and is one of the most influential contributors to diabetes and numerous other forms of illness.

The existence of Somatids appears to be almost completely unknown to the scientific community. More details about Somatids and their ability to change their physical characteristics in just a few minutes, as well as color photographs of them in live blood utilizing an Ergonom 400 microscope at 20,000+ power are exhibited within this document. We advise you to watch the video to see the evidence for yourself.

Additional information about the influence on your internal environment of how you think and what you consume as “food” also is provided, as well as our recommendations. Question what you have been told or taught about cancer. How much of it is true? Why are treatments so expensive, while being harmful, stressful and inadequate? Why is one of the most effective and natural immune responses of the body, suppressed by the medical system to help prevent the drugs from being eliminated by the body and how does that contribute to the original problem?

Lifestar’s holistic answer to cancer is simple and inexpensive. It quickly begins to work a high percentage of the time for most disciplined people. While cancer is the main focus of this document, the body’s rehabilitative response to a wide range of so-called diseases, or as we prefer to call them “malfunctions”, can also be enhanced by our nature-based approach.

Your body started as a single cell called the Ovum that acquired 1⁄2 of a male DNA strand. That DNA strand somehow knew how to Naturally pair up with the knowing female DNA strand and originate a process of duplication. Look at what occurred within about 9 months. That first cell knew what to do Naturally and how to do it. The brain or any other organ or system did not exist when this process began. Who or what knew how to accomplish this?

In every case, it is the body’s natural awareness taking care of its own business, that heals, not someone introducing a magical chemical that is said to somehow know how to perform specific tasks other than predictable chemical reactions. Chemicals cannot reproduce themselves let alone know how to heal anything.


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