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Your entire life is structured from your beliefs…. the framework of your reality.

Within that framework is your body as a living sculpture. What you do with it and how you treat it, even with your thoughts, shapes it in ways you do not yet understand.  What kind of energy do you want to use?  What kind of thoughts do you want to bring to it?  What are you physically and emotionally putting into it

Are you Kind?  Tender, Graceful… Compassionate?

Do you Love, or adore, resent and abuse your body? Notice the differences.

Watching any form of violence from any source has a negative effect on your body’s acupuncture system which then requires recovery. The associated feeling can be let go of quickly.  Do you know how?

All defensiveness is another form of attack. Coming from a place of being defensive, is always pre-emptive and waiting. It is but a belief system justified by fear.

Avoid behaviors including ingesting chemicals or entertaining thoughts that over stimulate your own consciousness. They can be addictive and are difficult to recover from.  Avoid events or thinking that do not end in peacefulness.

What you call unpleasant  memories are energies that remain in your body, at the cellular level, at the molecular level and at the atomic particle level.  It is in your body they remain until they are made aware of, and let go of.  The lack of unpleasant memories in the moment may be called peacefulness.

Practice getting in touch with how you feel in the moment — not from how you think you felt in the past or will feel in the future. Practice only in the present moment as it will change your memories of the past and what you project into the future, as they both exist at once.

Without exception, all thinking that ends in an unpleasant feeling is an error in your thinking process. Thinking alone in separation, from the totality of All that has existence. You are but a quality and not a thing or even a belief.  Thinking alone and in separation is the source of fear and all of its many forms. It is the only error we have ever made and the only error that waits for our correction.

While not remembered,  thinking in Unity by being in Unity can only produce endless Peacefulness within a Creative Process in which we forever exist as participants.


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