Disclaimer …and our Claim

Nothing Lifestar has developed or sells knows where to go or what to do in the body! 

Contrary to what we have all been taught or see on many television commercials, especially during evening viewing hours, do any pharmaceutical products know where to go and what to do. We are bombarded with claims seeming to attribute some form of magic to a product implying or stating that the product knows how to cure a disease or a symptom in the body.

Nothing you consume know’s how to do anything. Producing a chemical reaction is not an act of knowing how to do something. Actually, taking an action depends on awareness of what to do and how to do it. Walking around the room is not the product of chemical reactions. Neither is talking or even thinking. Sometimes, the learning comes instinctively from awareness. More often, to do something usually took another form of learning how to do it. You literally cannot teach a chemical how to do anything.

But you can program people into believing anything including what they watch on television commercials. In the media it’s called advertising. In any army it’s called propaganda and it is effective when used repetitively.

There was a time people were taught that the world was flat. The teaching was from many of the scientists of the day who were told or taught the same thing… and so were their teachers.

Today, the teaching often by intimidation from well meaning people, is that if you have been diagnosed with cancer, you have to go on “chemo” as soon as possible. Sometimes you “must” go on a drug to prepare you to go on chemo later. There is almost always fear involved and more that one person is insisting on you doing what they tell you as if your very life depends on their “knowing” what to do. Usually, their insistence is based solely on what they have been taught by another with whom they gave a high degree of credibility to, only because the other person may have been wearing a lab coat. Studies have shown that a doctor wearing a lab coat can produce better results with his patients than if the doctor is wearing a sports jacket or a golf sweater.

In this document, should you choose to read all of it, you may begin to understand how we arrive at conclusions or even decisions based entirely on our “beliefs” about something and not our “experience” of something.

Conclusion.  Your body started as a single cell that in order to grow, at some point divided itself into two cells and then divided again and again…  About 9 months later the body was “born” with a complex interactive system that evolved in all directions simultaneously. Did it know somehow what to do and how to do it?

Every single cell of the tens of trillions of cells that make up the body is doing just that. To this day, that cellular division process of the body has never stopped.


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