What is the reality behind reality?



That is why belief systems are so important in dealing with health and illness.  Each of the systems uses paraphernalia — gestures, medicine, treatment — that are the exterior manifestations of beliefs shared by healer and patient alike.

The same sort of situation operates in hay fever, for instance, and for that matter in most other dis-eases. Natural hypnosis and conscious beliefs give their proper instructions to the unconscious, which then dutifully affects the body mechanism so that it responds in a manner harmonious with the beliefs.  So you condition your body to react in certain fashions.  Dealing with this is not a simple problem, of course, for the original suggestion of dis-ease was in itself given because of another belief.  Using formal hypnosis, and in the West, you may regress and discover where the suggestion was first given to you.  If you and your hypnotist believe in reincarnation, the source may be discovered in another life.

In either case, if the therapy is effective you may give up your symptoms, if both you and the hypnotist implicitly believe in the situation and framework of those convictions.  But behind that there is far more; for if you do not believe in your own worth as a human being then you will simply get other symptoms that have to be removed in the same manner, using other “past” events as the excuse for the condition — if you are lucky.  If you are not so lucky and your illness happens to involve your inner organs, then you may end up sacrificing one after another.

All of this can be avoided through the realization that your point of power is in the present, as stated earlier. Not only do you operate within your own personal beliefs, of course, but within a mass system  to which you subscribe to one degree or another.  Within that organization medical insurance becomes a necessity for most of you, so I am not suggesting that you drop it.  Nevertheless, let us look more closely at the situation.

You are paying in advance for illness that you are certain will come your way.  You are making all preparations in the present for a future illness.   You are betting upon disease and not on health.  This is the worst kind of natural hypnosis, and yet within your system insurance is indeed a necessity, because the belief in illness so pervades your mental atmosphere.

Many become ill only after taking out such “insurance” — and for those, the act itself symbolically represents an acceptance of disease.  Even more unfortunate, are the special policies for the elderly that detail in advance all of the most stereotyped and distorted concepts about health and age.  There is a great correlation between the kind of policies that people take out, and the illnesses that they then fall prey to. 

One is the cancer drive literature, and television “public service” announcements, in which the seven danger signals of cancer are given.  Unfortunately, again, within the framework of your beliefs this also becomes almost a necessity for many — especially for those who, because of previous experience of one kind or another with the disease, are almost irrational in their fear of it.  The literature and announcements act as strong negative suggestions, following the nature of natural hypnosis — as a conditioning process, you see, where you are looking for specific symptoms, and examining your body under the impetus of fear.

To those already conditioned in such a manner, such procedures can cause cancers that would not otherwise occur.  This does not mean that those individuals might not come down with another disease instead, but it does mean that the belief in disease is patterned and focused to particular symptoms by such methods.  No wonder you need health insurance!  Illness is not a foreign agency thrust upon you, but as long as you believe that it is, then you will accept it as such. You will also feel powerless to combat it.


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