What is the reality behind reality?



If you are feeling poorly and happen to read an advertisement for vitamins, or a book about them, and are impressed, you will indeed benefit — at least for a while.  Your belief will make them work for you, but if your insistence upon poor health persists, then the counter suggestion represented by the vitamins will not be effective for long.

The same applies to the “public service announcements” dealing with tobacco and drugs alike.  The suggestion that smoking will give you cancer is far more dangerous than the physical effects of smoking, and can give cancer to people who might otherwise not be so affected.

The well-meaning announcements pertaining to heroin, marijuana, and acid (LSD) can also be damaging, in that they structure in  advance any experience that people who take drugs might have.  On the one hand, you have a culture that publicly points out as common the often exaggerated dangers that can occur with drugs, and on the other holds out drugs as a method of therapy.  Here the dangers become something like initiation rites, in which loss of life must be faced before full acceptance into the community can be established.  But those involved with native initiation rituals knew far more what they were doing, and understood a framework of beliefs in which the outcome — success — was fairly well assured.

All of this involves natural hypnosis.

Let us return to the example of a gentleman who has ulcers.  He believes implicitly that certain foods cause his stomach to behave in a particular manner.  There is medicine, however, that will stop his pain.  As long as it is effective, the medicine further convinces him that his stomach difficulty can only be relieved in this fashion.

It becomes a counter suggestion, yet it is all a part of the same hypnotic process, based upon his belief in his original illness.  While it gives temporary results, the fact that he needs it reinforces his dependency upon it.  If his belief in his poor health continues unchecked, the medicine will no longer serve as an adequate counter measure.   It would seem only good sense to refrain from the foods that bring on the condition.  Yet each time this is done, the individual acquiesces more and more to the hypnotic suggestion.

He fully believes he will become ill if he eats the forbidden foods, and so he does.  It never occurs to him to dispense with the belief — to realize that it alone sets up the conditioning process through the operation of self-hypnotism.

The point of power is in the present.  You must throughly understand that, and then you can take hold of your life and begin to use natural hypnosis for your benefit in all areas.  It works advantageously for each of you now in those portions of your lives with which you are pleased.

In all such situations, it is highly important that you do not concentrate your main attention in that area of experience with which you are least satisfied.  This acts as a deepening of hypnotic suggestion.  Just reminding yourself, if your other accomplishments will by itself operate in a constructive fashion, even if nothing else is done.  Such focus of attention on positive aspects automatically pulls your energy away from the problem.  It also builds up your own sense of worth and power as you are reminded of adequate performance at other levels of experience.

Whenever you are trying to rid yourself of a dilemma, make sure that you do not concentrate your attention upon it instead.  This acts to cut out other data, and to further intensify your focus upon your difficulty.  When you break that focus the problem is solved.


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